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Capital Budgeting, Financial Modeling and Valuation

Invest for Excel® helps thousands of businesses, nonprofits and their advisors drive better decision making through these time-tested processes.

Plan with Confidence

Define periods and term flexibly and set resource requirements and customer acquisition goals to ensure your projects are profitable.

Grow Your Business with a Clear ROI

Compare alternative projects by simulating business outcomes, and prioritizing opportunities based on potential.

Maximize Your Financial Runway

Fine tune your project economics by quickly testing various assumptions and crafting a plan that sets you up for success.

What is Invest for Excel®?

Invest for Excel® is an Excel -based software that can be used for all kinds of business modelling:

Capital budgeting, project economics, business planning, valuation, profitability analysis, life-cycle costing, impairment testing, project financing, cash flow modelling, mergers & acquisitions etc.

Whatever your business or project is about, use Invest for Excel® to make simulations to see the profitability and cash flows of different scenarios.

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You save time

Pre-built model with formulas, financial statements, analyses & functions.

Quality improves

Tested & protected formulas, best practice.


Same tool, comparable results, common understanding.

Ease of use

Fast modelling, logical functionality, helpful functions.

Support & training

Included support & free trainings gives you ease of mind.

Proven track record

Used by thousands of professionals worldwide since 1995.

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Trusted the world over

Our solution is flexible enough to suit any industry or project. Our level of customer support is extraordinary. Therefore, our software has been successfully implemented in most industries and 65 countries.

I use Invest for Excel® to check the feasibility of the investments. It is a very practical tool to understand, whether investment projects are worth pursuing.

Kari Kuusisto Internal Audit Director


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DataPartner has had a long tradition in organising training courses for the customers and others who are interested in capital budgeting, valuation and business planning. We offer a range of training programs and workshops to help you discover all modern techniques of cash-flow based modelling.

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